Why Do You Need a Digital Business Card?

At Dealerwebb we establish a local presence online by offering our clients services to develop a Digital Business Card. Today, roughly 2.5 billion people use the Internet every day. Many come for information, news, videos, research and gaming; however, based on the past 12 months, roughly 90% of users have purchased something or made some type of buying decision. Obviously, this is a very large pie that you want to have a piece of.

By having an online presence you have the potential to be exposed to thousands of customers who are specifically looking for your business.



With our Digital Business Card you have the opportunity to influence shoppers with your direct message. For many companies, your first impression is online, SO, here is your perfect opportunity to make a great one.


A Digital Business Card is an online representation of you and gives your customers access to you 24 hours a day without you having to be there.


In today’s business world, if customers can’t find you, they simply move on. With an online Digital Business Card you can give your customers direct access to you and continue to stay relevant against your competition online.

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