Is your email marketing working to build or just collect customers? At Dealerwebb, our WebbResponse directly manages email marketing and fully facilitates responsive communication from start to finish of an email marketing campaign.

Our WebbResponse process begins on day one of an email marketing campaign and is continued with an ongoing process of constant communication with prospective customers. The goal of the WebbResponse email marketing campaign is to obtain the maximum amount of conversions for the least amount of cost to build.

Typically, all WebbResponse campaigns builds upon constant communication with customers who are already interested in learning about the services being offered. All WebbResponse email campaigns are tracked with customized scripts for up to 90 days in order to collect enough data for potential prospects. The target time frame of 90 days is generally enough time to maximize profits from future outgoing emails, which are continually improved upon while consumer advertising and customer response tracking is grown, and ultimately achieve sales conversion goals.

The typical WebbResponse campaign process includes email marketing management and customer outreach that follows the following steps:

  1. WebbResponse engages in a range of email advertising media methods with current database of interested parties.
  2. Interested prospects (customer recipients) reached through an email advertising campaign respond by filling out a WebbResponse Form (online inquiry).
  3. Prospect's information is captured and stored in database.
  4. Captured database results are analyzed and filtered to determine validity of prospects.
  5. Top prospects are filtered and prioritized for potential sales conversion.
  6. Top prospects are distributed to further WebbResponse communication marketing and/or given to sales personnel for contact.
  7. Prospects are contacted via phone, email, or text (sales point).
  8. Contacted and uncontacted prospects are entered into personalized automated follow-up processes.
  9. End result is completion of new business sale (sales conversion goal).
outlined email follow up process from day 1 through 90

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