Dynamic Visitor Personalization - DVP

Are you spending hundreds of dollars each month on advertising to drive traffic to your website, but not getting the sales you need? DVP allows you to maximize your ROI by creating additional conversions without having to invest more money to generate additional traffic - convert the visitors you already have into customers with targeted messaging!

Target experiences with targeting rules

Target based on everything from custom events, device, business rules, referral sources, past visitor history and the context, behavior, customer journey.

Deliver journey-aware recommendations

Implement the appropriate recommendation strategies based on a user’s position in the purchase funnel (home page, product page, VDP or SRP page) and their user attributes (first-time user vs. VIP).

Insert recommendations anywhere

Easily insert personalized recommendations anywhere – on a menu, the homepage, vehicle pages, product pages, overlay messages and display banners.

Dynamic Visitor Promotion - DVP
Trigger behavioral overlays

Leverage real-time behavioral and contextual data to deliver targeted messages, In-page content, modal messages, geo-based offers and text overlay engagement.

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Dynamically tailor messages

Display custom promotions, floating bars, subscription notifications, SMS engagement or incentivized coupons – tailored to different user segments.

Reporting Analytics

Now that you're using DVP to offer customized messages to your visitors, you need to know if its working.

Our reporting will supply you with the data you need about your promotions to make effective marketing decisions - campaign performance, analytics, visitor behavior statistics and more.

RBM Reporting

Use our convenient app available in the iTunes and Google Play Store to monitor your campaigns, gift card redemptions and reports.

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DVP is simple and easy to get started. We offer four targeted strategies – each structured to meet a variety of needs.

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