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How to Find Your Target Audience

Identifying your target audience is the key to effectively marketing your dealership and maximizing your results. Your message needs to properly connect to your potential customer and not just get them to your site, but get them to take a desirable action. The only way to do so is by knowing who it is you are trying to talk to and what sort of message will appeal to them. So what are some ways to

Review Sites Every Car Dealership Should Be Monitoring

An overwhelming percentage of vehicle buyers turn to the internet to do research before ever stepping foot in a dealership showroom. So, if you haven’t been giving your online reviews too much attention, it’s time for an immediate change. Because people do so much research on vehicles before reaching out to any car dealership, your reviews will hold a lot of weight. But it’s not

Small ways to start optimizing your website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is absolutely necessary if you want your website to be easily found on search engines, but it is an incredibly complex digital marketing tactic to deploy. While you need a lot of industry knowledge and experience to fully deploy all of the different aspects of SEO that will get your page ranking, there are some small things you can do to start optimizing your site.

3 Ways to Know Your Website is Loading Slowly

Everyone knows that a slow loading website can cost you a significant amount of business and ultimately affect your bottom line. Website visitors tend to care more about website speeds than just about anything else on your website, and when it comes to website loading times, every second counts. Multiple studies have illustrated the direct correlation between website load speeds and conversions. I

Email Marketing Tips for The Holidays

While email marketing is a great driver of sales year-round, studies have shown that 24% of sales during the holiday season can be directly attributed to an email marketing campaign. So, what are you doing to capitalize on this opportunity? If you’re considering doing an email marketing campaign this holiday season, here are some helpful tips to get you started: Segment Your Marketing List

How Do PPC & SEO Work Together

While people often talk about how SEM (Search Engine Marketing, often referred to as PPC or Pay-Per-Click) and how SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can each benefit your dealership individually, very few people seem to talk about how to use both of those strategies together. By now you probably know that SEM typically involves running ads on search engines so you can show at the very top of the se

Choose the Right Social Media Network for Your Dealership

Most people have heard of the benefits of leveraging social media in their digital marketing efforts. However, few people realize that you don’t have to utilize all of the different social media networks to be effective. In fact, it’s better to be active and engaging in a select few platforms and do things properly, than spread yourself thin by trying to post everywhere. So how do you

Should I Host My Video on YouTube for SEO?

As you may very well know, the longer someone spends on your page reading and/or engaging with your content, the better your page will likely rank for the keyword(s) found on that page. It is largely for that reason that videos are so beneficial from a search engine optimization (SEO) perspective. Videos are easily digestible content that people are much more likely to consume and engage with than

Google My Business Optimization Tips For Dealerships

The all-important Google My Business (GMB) listing. The quality and accuracy of your GMB listing is instrumental not just for you to rank in the map pack, but also so consumers can get relevant information about your dealership. An optimized GMB listing will result in more internet traffic to your website and more foot traffic to your showroom floor. So how do you optimize your dealership’s

What Changes is Facebook Making in 2019?

Facebook is constantly innovating and changing its platform to better address the wants and needs of the end-users. For example, on August 19th Facebook started to make changes to their mobile ad formatting by decreasing the total number of lines of text that will be displayed on mobile ads. While you will still be able to write the same amount of content, more of the content will be compressed, f