Get Your Cars Sold With Limelight

February 22, 2018

Get Your Cars Sold With Limelight

Every business has that one item that just won’t sell. And every business goes through the same tactics of trying to draw attention to it, ultimately, to get it to sell. But you don’t have to do that, because you can use Limelight.

Limelight, a campaign within Promowebb DVP, is the solution to getting your nearly year-old cars just taking up space on the lot the attention they deserve. No longer will they rest at the bottom of your search results page (SRP).

Limelight draws attention to listings that you feel need more eyes on them. Limelight uses the monitoring capabilities of DVP to track what it is that a customer is looking for, and it caters to them by presenting suggestions based on those cars that need to get off the lot.

The reason Limelight works so well is because our research has shown that the more a vehicle description page (VDP) is viewed, the faster the car gets sold. As DVP stores the tracking information of each user, it can then engage them with Limelight suggested postings that are similar to the cars they are looking for.

Limelight keeps dealers from having to slash the prices of certain cars as it organically draws views to the listings you want to move. No flashy numbers or sale graphics are needed, because the VDPs are being displayed to users who are interested.

Limelight works through DVP as a program that can be dropped right into a website’s homepage. The product begins to dynamically populate and merchandising the neglected vehicles in seconds. Users can then see these cars on their initial landing to the site, as well as with their searches as Limelight will present similar makes and models to what they came for.

As a listing is shown through Limelight with a related product, you keep it from being forgotten about at the end of an SRP as well. Most viewers won’t scroll past an entire page of search results, so getting a listing closer to the top ensures that it will be considered.

An increase in views is an increase in odds for your business. By exposing your product to a larger potential audience, you open the doors to people willing to take something a little older or a little cheaper. Either way, the product the customer can see with Limelight is similar to, if not identical to, what they were initially looking for.

According to a Cobalt Business Study report, two of the top four online sales predictors are VDP page views and time spent on VDPs. The study shows that VDPs with more than 30 page views spend 44 percent less time on your lot.

That being said, increased traffic to a VDP is a predictor of buying interest. The popular vehicles that fly off your lot will have the most views online. Length of exposure is also a factor in the sale of a vehicle. Limelight takes care of both.

Limelight can effectively target users looking for a brand-new Nissan Altima both on the search results page and the individual VDPs. If you search “2018 nissan altima” on a dealer’s website, Limelight can populate older models of the car anywhere on the SRP. If they click into a VDP for a 2018 model, Limelight can then display older models of the car anywhere on that VDP. This alone gives the older models a minimum of two opportunities to be clicked on, just from one search.

Limelight also survives basic sorting that a viewer may apply to a website. The program can display older or less-desirable models, regardless of year or model filters that have been placed on the search. If someone filters their search to only show 2018 models, Limelight can target that specific search to show 2017 models on the SRP.

The most important reason to target these searches and viewers though, is the fact that they are more interested in actually buying a car. You’ve done the hard part of getting them to your website, and they’ve probably done some research of their own beforehand, so they want to see what cars you have. Limelight gives them what they want by exposing the viewer to more of your inventory and giving them plenty of options on their car-buying hunt, including your listings with less views.

And another thing. VDP views naturally bring more customers to your store. Spontaneous trips to the dealership likely won’t result in a sale, but the person who has spent weeks combing your website is probably ready to make a deal. 

Limelight ensures your viewers see the best possible options in their searches, and the cars you are ready to get off the lot get sold!

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