How the Facebook Pixel Can Revolutionize Your Marketing

May 9, 2019

How the Facebook Pixel Can Revolutionize Your Marketing

You’ve dipped your toe in Facebook marketing and you’ve seen some success for your efforts, but you’re ready to take Facebook ads and marketing to the next level. If you haven’t added a Facebook Pixel to your website, let’s look at how this can revolutionize your company’s marketing strategy.

We know what you’re thinking. Revolutionize is a strong word. Can such a small detail really make a huge difference in your marketing experiments? Absolutely. The pixel helps you in two very important ways. Let’s look at each of those.

The Power of Targeted Marketing

Have you ever been scrolling through Facebook and been blown away by how perfect a certain ad is for you? Isn’t that the exact car you were searching for pictures of the other day? Isn’t that the music album you’d just mentioned to a friend you’d like to check out? How did Facebook know what you were interested in right this second?

Facebook uses a combination of very smart strategies to figure out exactly what ad would be the most effective for each user. The Facebook Pixel is part of that system of strategies.

For example, you add the pixel to your webpage. Now Facebook gets some insight into the kind of people that show interest in your company. Are they mostly men or women? What age group is most prominent? What are their common interests? What parts of the world are most of them from? By creating a specific profile of your customers and website visitors, Facebook can then look for users that fit the same basic profile and show them ads from your company. After all, they are so similar to people that are already your customers, aren’t they very likely to also be interested in what your business has to offer?

This is called targeted marketing. It’s powerful because every ad dollar you spend is used in the smartest possible way, giving you much more bang for your buck.

Track Marketing Success

Advertising has been called the black box of business. You put money into it but, classically, it’s difficult to know just how much return you’re getting on all that investment. Technology has opened up that black box, however, allowing us to track with a fair amount of exactitude just how effective our ads are.

In fact, because the Facebook pixel is constantly collecting data, you can get a real-time ROI report for any ad campaign. Not seeing the results you were hoping for? Pause the campaign and make some tweaks!

How Facebook Makes it Easy

Facebook is interested in helping you increase the effectiveness of your ads. After all, they don’t like running ads that don’t convert, since it ruins the experience for users of the platform and businesses that advertise there.

That’s why Facebook has made it easier than ever to install the pixel on your company’s website. You can use a third party to install the pixel, making it as easy as one click to get the pixel onto your site. You can send your pixel information directly to your developer, or you can copy the code and insert it into your website yourself.

The Facebook pixel is freely available to anyone with a Facebook ads account, so all you have to do is generate yours, install it, and watch the data roll in!