Personalizing Offers = Converting More Visitors

August 30, 2017

Personalizing Offers = Converting More Visitors

In this day and age, consumers are demanding a more personalized online experience. Studies have shown that 75% of consumers are more likely to convert when they receive personalized messages and offers than they would have converted organically [1]. So why are you treating all of your traffic the same? Here are some ways you could personalize your offers and start converting more visitors:

Referral Source

You could personalize your offers by tracking the referral source(s) that brought visitors to your site, and presenting different visitors with incentives based on that traffic source. For example, you could track if someone was brought to your page because of an email offering a 15% discount on item X and then present that customer with a promotional message that reinforces the offer in the email. This allows you to personalize the offer, maintain consistency in promotional messages, and minimize confusion and frustration. If you were to put just one offer on your site, you would either not be able to tailor your offers to the consumers, or you risk decreasing conversions when visitors find discrepancies between the offer that brought them to the site and the offer they found on your site. Putting all of the different offers on your website will just cause confusion. On the flip side, not putting any of the offers on your website will undoubtedly frustrate your visitors. 

Pages Viewed

Personalizing your offers based on the pages that they have visited or even the number of times someone has visited a page is another great way to personalize your content. For example, if in a single session someone has visited your services page multiple times, or has visited 2 or 3 different services pages, you could launch a promotional message that mentions how you noticed they have been looking at your services and if they just fill out a quick little survey, they can receive an offer and save money. If someone is repeatedly looking at your services page, they are more likely than not already looking to buy, but something is holding them back and making them reluctant to convert. A personalized promotional offer can be just the slight push they need to actually convert.

Personalization has directly resulted in a 19% increase in sales and brand loyalty [2]. Incentives and offers based on the consumer’s behavior is received more positively because it alters their self-perceptions, making them identify more with the product or service. This, in turn, makes consumers feel more confident that the product or service will bring greater satisfaction, because these offers are perceived to be better indicators of preferences. It therefore simplifies the decision-making process, thus decreasing decision paralysis and increasing purchase intentions.

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