Increasing Website Conversion Rates

July 21, 2016

Increasing Website Conversion Rates

The main goal of any type of marketing is to bring traffic to a website and build your brand. However, once you start receiving large amounts of traffic to your site, there are other steps which you can take to increase your conversion rates. If you’re bringing in 100,000 people a month to your website with a 1% conversion rate, there are quite a few things that can be done to raise that number. By raising your conversion rate to 2%, you will bring in an extra 12,000 leads annually.

One way of the best ways to raise the conversion rates of any website is to do some A/B split testing. This means having different versions of the same page to see which one your visitors interact with better. For example, if you have a home page banner with a yellow “sign up now” button, you can try to change it to a green “Enroll” button and see how it affects your sign up rate or conversion rate. Another example would be to change the color, font and images on certain pages or submit forms to see how it affects your conversions.

When your website starts getting large amounts of traffic, you can get clearer data on how your visitors interact with your website. With a larger data sample to work with, a Google analytics specialist can see which pages on your site have good or bad conversion rates and work on improving them. Often times, the increased leads from AB testing will allow a company to avoid increasing their marketing budget.

A special feature which has been around for some time is last minute promotions, or in our case Promowebb DVP (dynamic visitor promotion). This allows you to dynamically sense your visitors’ engagements and offer promotions to increase conversions. This feature can be set up based on exit intent, pageviews or on a time base so it appears after your visitor has spent some time looking at your services.

A great example of pop up ads being used to increase conversion rates is seen on dealership and auto shop websites. When an auto shop receives a visitor to their website, they start to track how the visitor interacts with the site. When the customer decides to leave the page, a pop up appears that offers 10% off all brake services. This kind of feature has shown to be very effective when trying to raise conversion rates for different types of businesses.

Overall, there are quite a few ways to raise your conversion rates, and many benefits that come along with it. With small steps such as pop up ads, AB testing and layout changes, you can lower your overall marketing cost, increase your leads and grow your business efficiently.