What is Decision Fatigue and How it Can Help Your Conversions

July 24, 2017

What is Decision Fatigue and How it Can Help Your Conversions

You’ve invested in traffic to your website, but very few of those clicks are actually leading to conversions. In a study conducted earlier this year, it was revealed that in 92% of initial traffic to a website, consumers have no intention of making a purchase [1]. Instead, they are trying to obtain information and make a rational decision based on their alternatives. They ultimately end up bouncing off your site without taking any desired actions, such as converting. There is a way to combat this however, so you can get more conversions.

Regardless of how rational a person may be, no one is impervious to what is known as “decision fatigue” [2]. We make several decisions a day, often without consciously realizing that we are even making a decision, and each decision we make takes a mental toll on us. Even the smallest decisions, such as what shirt to wear or what to eat for lunch, contributes to decision fatigue. Once we have become mentally fatigued, our brain starts looking for shortcuts in the decision process, either by making impulsive decisions or avoiding making a decision altogether.

How can this work to your advantage and get you more conversions? You can use time-based or exit intent dynamic visitor promotions (DVP) to show visitors the right message, at the right time. After being on your site for a certain amount of time, or when they’re getting ready to leave, you show them a promotional message. At that point, your consumers will have mentally become more fatigued, increasing the likelihood that they will act impulsively when shown the promotion and convert. In other words, when they see the strategically timed message, they will become more open to communicating with your brand and more likely to convert by filling out the survey, subscribing to your emails, etc. in order to avoid making a decision. They won’t want to have to decide whether or not the deal you are offering is good, or whether or not they should subscribe to your emails; they are more likely to simply convert.

Through DVP, we are opening doors for you to communicate with and understand your consumers while they have their guards down and are more susceptible to accepting the message. For more information on how you can use dynamic visitor promotions to get more leads, contact Dealerwebb or visit us at https://dealerwebb.com/promowebb-dvp/promotional-advertising.


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